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Glass Buildings

About Dovetail Construction

Dovetail Construction was founded in 2009 by now CEO Willis J. Ingraham in Nassau, The Bahamas. We offer full service design and build, project management and construction to our clients. Our company provide these services to our clients on all the islands of The Bahamas. 
Our Company

With forty years of experience in the construction industry. Dovetail Construction has all the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to build just about anything. We can accomplish any proposed project in order to turn our customer's vision into reality. This level of versatility allowed Dovetail Construction to persevere through both good times and bad. We have moved with the sway of the market over the past several years and never lost our footing in the shifting economy because of the manner in which we stretched and extended ourselves to stay supportive of local progress. 


Dovetail Construction recognizes and accept our moral and legal responsibility to conduct all business activities in a responsible manner, which assures the health and safety of people, preservation of the environment and quality of the products/ services. To ensure this, we have implemented a health and safety plan. The main objectives of this plan is to prevent personal injury, protect the public from construction hazards, protect adjoining properties, structures and utilities from damage, prevent environmental damage, and to control and reduce all direct and indirect costs and productivity losses attributable to accident and incident occurrences.

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